Reservoir Characterisation & Core Lab Analysis

With our partner ALS Oil & Gas, we provide unique core analysis services that provide direct measurements of the reservoir. Automation, state of the art systems and technology, and a customer focused mission create an setting designed to maximise the value of your core analysis program.

In brief, we provide key value added laboratory and wellsite services in relations with the cores samples. At the well site, we are involved with gas desorption and core processing such as plugging, slabbing, photography, GR, preservation, packaging, tracking etc…then once the core samples are received at the Lab, ALS offers different services including Routine and SCAL analysis: Whole Core Scanning, Petrology Core Analysis, Unconventional, Geochemistry, Palaeontology and Storage. We have analytical facilities in our UK (London) and our US (Houston) labs that host both conventional and unconventional technologies for core analysis programmes.

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