Well Monitoring Downhole Gauges

We offer the provision of range of Memory Gauges, permanent and real time monitoring. Our vendor has one of the most comprehensive line-ups of memory based downhole P&T monitoring tools anywhere. Since 1992 he is specialized in designing and manufacturing highly accurate and resilient tools that have earned global reputation for durability, innovation and easy to use.  He has consistently led the industry in the well monitoring segment with a success rate of greater than 97%.

  • Product Offering
    • Quartz Memory Gauges 0.75”OD & 1.25”OD Up to 200C / 392F
    • Piezo Memory Gauges: 0.75”OD & 1.25”OD Up to 177C / 350F
    • Frac Monitoring / Carriers / Gravel Pack
    • Mini Logging Tool (MLT300)
    • Flow/Spinner, Pressure & Temperature, CCL & RTD
    • Surface Logging Tool (SLT 300)
    • Fiber Optic Monitoring
    • OptiDrop

Link here http://www.reservoirgroup.com/well-monitoring/